New Zealand Weather Helper

Weather is an integral part of cruising in New Zealand, and not only so if you venture South like we did. With tropical storms sometimes skirting the North, you will want to monitor the weather quite accutely when navigating kiwi waters.Fortunately, the available information is excellent. In order to use it to its full, it does, however, require a bit of work. Mostly so that you know what is available where and when, as well as where the places mentionned are. We found this last point the most difficult at first for a foreigner, since hardly any documentation is available on the subject.

For this reason, we share this file we have built and used, in the hope that it may be useful to others. We used it to gather weather data received over the radio, in order both to review it for later use and to have a visual assessment of the situation. Please help us making it better by providing us with your feedback.

Indeed, New Zealand does not use Navtex for example, and forecasts are mostly transmitted by voice, whether over VHF or SSB, and this means writing the broadcasts down is essential. We advise using a recording software in order to record the broadcasts (especially if English is not your native language, and sometimes even if it is!) We used Weeny Free MP3 Recorder but there must be many others out there, and we could then replay the forecasts at ease.

We have tried to make this file as easy to use as possible, and so that it fits a variety of screens, from large notebooks to small netbooks. This may mean that you need to adjust zoom level or so on.

NZ Weather Helper
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